Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 1: Snow or Shine!

Today was the first day for the Boston Public Sailing Team on the water and it was definitely a test of our will! The students arrived at Courageous to find snow blowing sideways and the flag about to fly off the pole. Strangely, everybody was still eager to get out on the water! Our coaches, Chris Dubois and Rosemary Lyons, held a short classroom session where the basics were reviewed while we waited to see what the weather would do. Chris made the call to Dave and we were ready to hit the water! The students divided into two boats, rigged, and began the very first season of the Boston Public Sailing Team. It was a cold hour or so on the water but everybody had a huge smile as they made their way across the harbor. Today was just a refresher day to give the kids a chance to brush up on their skills. Great job to Elisabeth, Kelsey, and Taylor. Looking forward to David joining us on Wednesday!

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